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What you can learn from next-generation guests of the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel

There are guests who would rather turn off their mobiles and computers, staying away from the digital world and enjoying serenity. However, such an idea of vacation is not at all attractive for some others.

The world’s first Twitter-themed hotel opened in Spain to serve the next-generation guests falling into the second category above. Featuring Twitter-themed rooms, foods and beverages, the hotel targets those who would like to channel their love of social media into their vacation experience.

Encouraging guests to interact with the staff and other guests on Twitter, this hotel is a lighthouse for us to better grasp the expectations of next-generation, technology-oriented guests.

Located on Majorca, Spain’s largest island, Sol Wave House uses a special application that runs on the closed-circuit wireless internet networks offered to guests. Guests text to each other and share posts via this application. With most of its rooms shining with Twitter-themed blue and white colors, the hotel also offers special discounts within the hotel for those who stay in the Twitter party suite.

This impressive concept also provides us with tips on next-generation guests. Let’s have a look at these tips…


Always connected

For next-generation guests, Internet connection is a vital need, not differing much from eating and drinking. They want to be connected with both the other end of the world and the desk next to them. Free wi-fi has almost become a must if you’d like to attract such guests. However, what you need to focus on first is facilitation of their digital communication.

Speed and convenience

Extensive use of Internet has altered the perception of time. In our age, everything takes place rapidly, which has made next-generation guests more impatient. Now, they do not feel obliged to tolerate waiting. Therefore, while serving your next-generation guests, you need to come up with solutions rapidly and apply this process as convenient and practical as possible.

They’re not alone, even when they’re alone

Next-generation guests may be accommodating in your hotel as a solo traveler but they are never alone. Thanks to the Internet, they are virtually accompanied by everyone they know. This means that they could, during their stay, share with hundreds of people what they like and dislike only within a few seconds. Unless you can satisfy next-generation guests, you may lose unimaginable numbers of potential guests at the moment of your guests’ dissatisfaction. If you manage to satisfy them, however, you could simply reach hundreds of potential guests in the blinking of an eye.


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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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