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What you need to know about hotel marketing via Google+

When it is about social networks, Twitter and Facebook might be the names that come to mind first but one social network should not be missed: Google+. Launched by Google in 2011 to offer many of its services, Google+ has quickly ranked among the most popular social networks.


Boasting the second highest number of users on social media, this social network has much to offer besides the enormity of its user number. Directly integrated with Google, the number-one search engine of the world, Google+ is significantly helpful for websites targeting organic traffic.

Google+ has also a major effect on accommodation industry. Here are the first steps you need to take in order to benefit from Google+…

Create a Google account

Many of us have Google accounts. Unless this is the case for you, you must create a Google account first. Note that you will be able to use many Google services, including Google+ once you have an account. Visit this page to sign up for Google.

Create a Google+ profile

Once you have an account, sign into Google+ and create your profile. This is the first step you need to take before creating a page for your hotel.

Prepare a page for your hotel on Google+

Just like Facebook, Google+ is a platform where you can promote your hotel and share related content. Google+ pages would help you communicate your message to your potential guests and guide you through search engine optimization on Google.

What are ‘circles’?

Google+ uses a structure called ‘Circles’ so that users and brands keep in touch. Adding a user or a brand to a circle means following them. Therefore, you need to encourage your potential users to add you to their circles. That’s how you can find the channel to convey your message to your potential guests.

Look for communities

Communities on Google+ are pages where people with similar fields of interest come together. Create a community about your hotel or your location. While promoting your hotel, you could also answer the related questions of people. You can access new groups of people through communities, have a look at their posts and contribute to some communities.

Explore Hangouts

Google+ features Hangouts, which allows you to have live video chats with your potential guests and introduce your hotel to them. During these sessions, you can describe your facilities and your offers while also having the chance to answer the questions posed by your potential guests. Hangouts might also be used to provide collective online training for chains of hotels.

Just like other social networks, Google+ is a beneficial tool in promotion and marketing of your hotel. HotelRunner is there for you to guide you through management of your hotel and marketing activities. Do not lose more time. Create your HotelRunner account  and start enjoying numerous advantages that come with it.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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