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Which content can help you increase your engagement on Facebook?

Social media is a significant digital marketing tool to turn your existing customers into loyal ones, connect with your potential guests and increase your online agency’s sales. Therefore, you should interact with your followers through your online agency’s Facebook page. In other words, you should ensure that your posts draw attention and interest, thus they are liked and shared as well as commented on.

Do those who ’like’ your Facebook posts express only their ‘like’? Isn’t it possible that the ‘liked posts’ also indicate that your product/service is supported and recommended? According to social media experts, the ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘reshares’ that seem to be unimportant actually reflect more and they create a connection between the “posts” and the users “resharing” them.

HotelRunner has evaluated the content that increases your engagement with users and results with a higher number of posts on Facebook.

Destination images

We all daydream in order to get away from our daily routines from time to time. Just like many people, Facebook users pay attention to images and videos of places they want to visit. Therefore, you can engage with your followers by sharing your online agency’s property and tour images with a message like “those who would like to be here right now please click on like button”. If you announce that you will reward your followers with a travel or a tour if they make the most interesting and original comment about your photos, you will not only increase your engagement with them, but you will also gain new followers.

Special days and updates

The content regularly shared on Facebook increases engagement when followers pay more attention and show interest to them. Therefore, you can share your message for special days and important developments with an appropriate image or video to support your message. This way, you will both have the chance to demonstrate how much you value these special days, and update your page on a regular basis. The messages you share on special days and current developments such as loss of a respected artist will have a positive impact on your agency’s ‘online reputation’.

Seasonal changes and weather forecasts

Those planning a travel are especially interested in the weather conditions of destinations they plan to go to. Therefore, it might be a great idea to provide weather information and the current season through social media. On social media where visuality draws lots of attention, photos showing a beautiful weather can attract users and bring high engagement.


Facebook users like posting quotes from famous philosophers, scientists, authors and artists. Users post these quotes to express themselves or for motivation as well as making references to the current agenda. Therefore, you can increase interaction with your followers by posting inspirational “sayings”.

Behind-the-scenes images/videos

Photos highlighting family values on Facebook posts still draw attention, although they have been posted multiple times so far. Based on this, you can increase your interaction with your followers by sharing photos from a celebration with your team or videos of ‘humorous’ moments of your colleagues.

HotelRunner is ready to become your most important solution partner that provides you with all the support to carry your agency to the Internet by solving not only your social media-related problems, but also digital marketing problems. Create your free HotelRunner account now and start making online sales immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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