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Which one is better to promote your hotel: Vine or Instagram?

With the ever-advancing technology, each day a new application enters our lives. Mobile applications are constantly improving and changing, while never failing to surprise us. Applications with improved features also benefit the promotional and marketing activities of e-trade businesses.

A competition began between Twitter and Facebook when the former acquired Vine, while the latter acquired Instagram. However, this did not change the fact that these two big social networks are the most commonly-used platforms.

We mentioned the differences between Pinterest and Instagram in our previous articles. This time HotelRunner has analyzed the differences between Vine and Instagram to find out which one is more beneficial for your property.Which one is better to promote your hotel: Vine or Instagram?

When seconds matter

Vine’s feature to shoot a 6-second video is actually one of the main factors which caught the attention of  Twitter. This application is quite simple in this sense, attracting users with its structure enabling users to shoot short-length videos. This video-length restriction is 15 seconds in Instagram, which offers more flexibility for users when they need to record more footage. The videos on Instagram are only played once, contrary to those on Vine. In this respect, this 9-second difference is what makes Instagram more beneficial for the promotion of your property.

Video features

Vine’s video-shooting option consists of simple elements. Similarly, Instagram is also practical. Well, actually Instagram has a more functional video-shooting menu than that of Vine. It allows you to pause and resume the video-shooting by just clicking the camera button, and enables you to cut out the scenes you do not want. While both features have front camera support, Instagram stands out with its filters. Instagram offers 13 different filters for users.  So, it makes an ambitious attempt to create a distinction in your property’s images. Vine, however, does not offer this technology, which provides better results for its users.


Vine provides easy and quick access to many options, from video shooting and to sharing. A text box where you can write a description is available when sharing a video, just like when shooting it. You can also add your location as well as post the video on Facebook and Twitter along with Vine, which means that you are actually restricted in two social networks when sharing your Vine videos directly. On the other hand, Instagram gives the opportunity to share videos and photos of your property and staff members on other platforms as well.

As you can also see, both applications have different advantages and disadvantages in promoting your property. You can decide which platform to prioritize according to the information we shared above. However, considering the fact that properties have different concepts and target audiences, it would be better to focus on the more fruitful one after experiencing both platforms.

HotelRunner can provide you with all the features you need to benefit from the big impact of social media. Just visit our website and create your account to do this. You will become online within seconds and benefit from social media and other features of the the HotelRunner platform.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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