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Why do your customers leave your online agency’s website?

The primary goal of your online agency is undoubtedly to make online sales to your potential customers visiting your website. To achieve this, your online agency should also achieve a high ‘conversion rate’.

Conversion rate is a term that refers to the customer rate you make sales to out of the potential customers visiting your online agency’s website. When this rate which is defined in percentages is calculated, you compare the number of your website visitors to the number of customers receiving services from your site. This means that you can make sales to the majority of your online agency’s visitors.

However, you should also be aware that there are also visitors that leave your online agency without completing the sales transactions due to some reasons. And HotelRunner explains why they do this with 6 important reasons.

1. Questions about online shopping

You might have potential customers who decide to purchase an accommodation or tour online for the first time, so they might not feel ready for this. Due to the questions in their mind, these customers might leave your site without completing their purchase. It will increase your conversion rate when you determine and eliminate these questions in their mind.

2. Failure to address your target group

Your website’s conversion rate can be increased only through “quality traffic”. “Quality traffic” can be achieved through “your potential guests visiting your website”, i.e. your target group that will purchase your services. Therefore, if your site is visited by your target group, it means your website connects the correct people and brings quality traffic. You may benefit from carrying out content marketing and SEO efforts in determining your target group correctly and reaching them.

3. Irrelevant content

When your visitors accessing your website through search engines cannot obtain enough information about your services, it means you are faced with a serious problem that can damage your online agency’s reputation. Therefore, the consistency between your content and services is among the points you should consider to increase your conversion rate.

4. Requesting too much information

It might bother users when they are asked to provide too much or extremely detailed “personal information” online. Therefore, you better ask for only the information you need in the membership form of your online agency. If you request too much personal information, you can prevent your potential customers from continuing to browse your website.

5. Overwhelming visitors with ads

Too much exposure to ‘banners’ and ‘pop-ups’ appearing suddenly on pages might cause your site’s visitors to be annoyed. While it might be impressive to promote your online agency through a video on your website, you should be careful about keeping a balance when determining the ads that are to be shown on your site, as nobody likes it when they are exposed to a lot of ads. You can increase your conversion rate when you act carefully in terms of content and intensity.

6. Low speed of loading pages

Studies point that Internet users don’t wait and leave a site when it is opened in more than 4 seconds. In our era, Internet users want to access the product/ service or information they are looking for quickly. Therefore, if you have a problem about the speed of your pages, you should solve this problem urgently and revise your infrastructure, which will increase your conversion rate.

There might be other reasons for your potential guests to change their purchase decision and leave your site. Whatever the reason is, it is possible for you to determine it and come up with related solutions as well as increasing your conversion rate.

HotelRunner is always there for you in order to increase your online agency’s sales and profit on the Internet by benefiting from the advantages of the ever-growing digital world.  Create your HotelRunner account now and see the opportunities it can provide for you.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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