Why does your website have to be mobile-compatible?

The use of mobile websites increases in proportion to technological developments regarding mobile phones. People wanting to spend the limited time they have effectively are using their mobile devices. People don’t wait until they go home or to the office to search something on the Internet. They can search anything on the bus, in a cab – shortly anywhere.

If you do not have a mobile-compatible website, your guests will have difficulty in communicating with your property. Having a mobile-compatible website today has become one of the most important methods to stay in touch with potential guests.

So what can you gain from a mobile-compatible website, which every property holding a HotelRunner account already has?

Considering the needs of mobile device users, mobile sites are designed for small screens. Also, if your hotel has a mobile-compatible website, your business will be able to access more guests and make more sales accordingly. Mobile websites that are easy to load and browse can maximize the customer satisfaction. Otherwise, users might feel sick and tired of waiting for a website that is not practical and easy to browse.

Mobile websites are fully compatible with all kinds of smart phones and tablet computers. This way, your guests can access your website through their smart phones 24/7 even when they are on the go, so your website will be visited by more guests and the number of your bookings will increase accordingly.

The opportunity to access your guests easily
A mobile website provides more options for you to access your guests. You can collect data to reach people inquiring about your property through e-mail or a short message service. You can inform them about your services and offers or help them book a room from your hotel.

Google is supporting you
Research shows that the number of Google searches on smart mobile phones have been steadily increasing year by year. Having a mobile-compatible website becomes even more important with the increased number of mobile searches. Google rewards mobile-compatible websites in search results, helping them be listed in top results.

In our era, no property can risk missing the mobile users of the Internet, whose number is increasing rapidly. You should also make sure that your property’s mobile-compatible website works flawlessly, while you are becoming more well known. Besides, you do not have to make any extra investment to access your potential guests through multiple channels. By creating a free HotelRunner account you can gain a mobile-compatible website for your property and start to increase your sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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