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Why might your agency’s website rank dropped in Google?

Everything is okay with your online agency’s website and you receive very positive return rates from the comments about you. You are being followed and your posts are shared on social media. You are also good with search engines and your potential customers can find your agency’s website easily.

However, you wake up one day and can’t see your agency in its usual search results place. It’s ranking seems to have dropped. There must be some mistake, but you don’t know what it is. It seems that Google has introduced some changes. Google might have even punished your website.

However, there’s no need to panic! This is because HotelRunner has investigated the reasons for losing websites’ ranking on Google and collected the reasons why Google punishes you and things you should do to solve this.

Here are the things to do

There must be a reason for Google to feature you further down in the results. Make a list of the changes you have done recently on your website. Have you made a change in your website’s design? If so, you can get started by changing it to its former design immediately.

Have you made a change in your website’s keywords? Review the words you have removed and added to your site’s texts as keywords. If you have repeated same words or phrases in an unnatural way, you should get rid of these. For instance: “We are making a special holiday offer, do not miss our special holiday offer, benefit from our special holiday offers,”

Might there be a decrease in your website’s backlinks? You should check these. Some links might have been removed or those sites might not be used anymore. Although this is not a reason for punishment, it might cause you to lose your current ranking in the search results. If possible, try to obtain new and more quality backlinks.

Maybe Google has updated some algorithms without you becoming aware of this? We recommend you to follow the Google Web Master Tools site to be informed about the updates.

You might have actually used repetitive content or content from other sites? It will be very useful if you check the content you shared at least 15 days before your website dropped in ranking. You should make sure not to use copied content while actually aiming to create unique content.

You might even have problems about your server? You could have neglected to check your servers periodically. Even a slightest problem in your servers might block proper access to your website. Server-based problems can also cause you to loose your rank.

What matters for Google is that websites should determine visitors as a main target rather than the search engines. You shouldn’t fill all pages of your website with keywords.

Every website dreams of being in the top results of searches, but you need a strong partner to achieve this. HotelRunner not only helps you carry your agency to the Internet, it also offers you a unique platform for SEO. Create your HotelRunner account immediately and start earning now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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