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Why should you prioritize e-mail marketing for your hotel?

E-mails have been part of everyday life for most of us. Use of e-mails is on the rise both at individual and corporate level, the latter for marketing purposes, thanks to ultimate responsiveness, low costs and private communication opportunities provided by e-mailing.

Despite many alternatives of online marketing such as websites, social networks, internet advertising, the importance of e-mails, which actually are as old as the Internet and date back to the early 70s, has never decreased. Indeed, we witness an ever-increasing pattern, particularly in the last years, in the use of the same for commercial purposes.

E-mail marketing plays a major role for those hotels that are willing to communicate directly with guests, forward private messages and maintain the ties with previous guests despite the time passing by.

As HotelRunner, we have compiled some reasons as to why e-mail marketing is so important especially for hotels…

One can quickly come up with 8 key advantages offered by e-mail marketing:

Ease of use: Creating an e-mail message, determining the recipient list and sending it are a simple task.
Fast: It is received by the recipients minutes, and sometimes seconds, after sending.
Low costs: Sending e-mails is for free. Even if you use a more pervasive system, it would be cheap.
Targetable: You can determine your recipients.
Customizable: You can send specific content and messages for each recipient.
Repeatable: You can repeatedly send your e-mail, as much as you wish, within reasonable limits.
Sharable: When you send a proper and effective e-mail, recipients may share it voluntarily with their immediate surroundings.
Measurable: Through various methods, you can measure how many people received your posts, how many of them opened and read them, and how much response you achieved from your e-mails.

With 1,1 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. However, the number of e-mail users is higher than Facebook users. The number of e-mail users is estimated to have increased up to 3,6 billion in 2013. Averagely, 61 percent of users between 18 and 65 years of age use e-mails on a daily basis.

These figures might help you grasp the importance of e-mailing as a marketing tool but what’s more important is the response to e-mails. Research shows that each dollar spent for e-mail marketing has a ROI of 43,62 dollars.

E-mail marketing is without a doubt influential due to the above-mentioned reasons. However, it is not the only marketing channel one can benefit from. Moreover, when used as the single marketing channel, its proven influence significantly drops. Therefore, you had better consider e-mail marketing rather as a part of your entire set of marketing activities.

That’s why we developed HotelRunner for you to manage under a single roof all online marketing activities your hotel may need, including collective e-mailing and campaigns. Have a look to see what we can offer you to manage, promote and sell for your hotel by signing up for a HotelRunner account.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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