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5 tips to plan a successful social media campaign for your hotel

You are actively using social media to promote your property and you are confident that your social media strategy is successful. However, you can’t reach enough number of followers to increase your website’s traffic. Then, we suggest you to treat your social media operations as a campaign.

Social media campaigns refer to promotions and activities that improve your property’s communication with your customers and social media users as well as help you reap the fruits of your efforts. Planning is the first step to conduct a social media campaign. Who is your target audience? What result do you aim to obtain? How can you promote your campaign? Here are some questions you need to answer as part of your planning efforts.

What should you consider when preparing a social media campaign? We have collected what you should factor in as you prepare a social media campaign for your hotel.

1. Creating your team

First, you need to form a team composed of members who are capable to run a successful social media campaign. Social media is a platform where especially young people are active. Therefore, forming a team comprised exclusively of young people sounds like a reasonable approach. However, managing the accounts of business and being a social media user are two different things. So, you need to bear in mind that your team should also include someone more competent at business and who can lead your team, in addition to young minds.

2. Planning a campaign

Planning is among the most critical steps to bring success to your campaign. First, you should take the following points into account while creating your plan:

Campaign dates
The ultimate goal you want to reach at the end of your campaign
Social media tools that you plan to use
Ideas about the content you plan to create
Specific content you plan to create on particular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+

3. Preparing an editorial calendar

It is important to define in advance when and which content to publish on which social media platform. If you create an editorial calendar it will become easier for you while determining when to publish your content as well as which content type to use (text, image, video), how to promote and which keywords to deploy. It will be also helpful to check the article on timing in online marketing. In addition, we suggest you to take a look at the articles on benefits of keywords and long tail SEO.

4. Determining the most effective platform

It is not very easy to determine the best social media platform for a successful social media campaign. The best social media platform for you is the one that makes your campaign access the highest number of people possible. If you determine one or two platforms to pay attention to the most, considering your target audience, and focus more on them, your campaign can access an even wider audience.

5. Determining a campaign language

Social media users will read, watch and listen to your campaigns. That’s why your campaign needs to have a tone of voice and style. Are you going to use a formal tone of voice or do you aim to be more intimate? Before creating your campaign, it is critical to create a positioning for your campaign by answering these questions and achieve consistency on all platforms.

A social media campaign built with the correct strategy and implementation can bring success beyond your plans and increase your income. If you want your property to be mentioned and followed more on social media, you may organize a social media campaign as well. Helping you reach a wider audience through social media promotions and online marketing tools, HotelRunner makes it possible for you to manage your sales channels effectively and enhance your online booking rates.  Create a free-of-charge account now and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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