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Most read articles of September

HotelRunner,  your solution partner resolving all of your digital marketing problems, provides you with all the support you need to carry your agency and property to the Internet. It keeps featuring articles with helpful information on its blog.

Throughout September, we covered many subjects from the latest technology trends for hotels, tips to attract more visitors from social media and increasing your online agency’s sales through Pinterest to visual storytelling in marketing.

If there are articles you could not follow or missed, here are the must-read posts from September.

8 strategic steps that will help you create your green hotel concept

The latest technology trends for hotels

An emerging trend: Environment-friendly, green hotels

4 different methods for your agency’s social media posts

Traveling industry trends in the first half of 2014

Tips to attract more visitors to your property from social media

Google Plus effect on your site’s SEO strategy

How can you increase your online agency’s sales with Pinterest?

4 methods to use Twitter more effectively for promotion

Visual storytelling in marketing

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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